Let the Transformation take place


Tarot gives us the story of you and others around you. This insightful expereince allows emotions, thoughts and fears to be released. We will talk and explore what factor are at play and how best to navigate them.

Planet and Moon


When staring at the night sky, we may typically see stars but the planets are moving too and they have messages and patterns for you to see. Let's explore them togehter.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is the art of energy healing. In this session we focus on the breath and clear foreign energy from your field. By doing so, you may experience lightness, hope and an urge to be your authentic self.

Reiki Treatment

Tools for the Journey

Novena Candles, Intentional Crystal Jewelry, Incense, Tarot Decks, Crystals, Kits and more. Unique items for the unique journey unfolding for you.


Grow with Llamada

Live Your Best Life

In a one on one session or in a group, you Llamada offers a safe space for healing, enlightement and creativity. The language of the stars, characters of the Tarot and Mother Earth can reveal many truths.